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Advanced Nutrients ph Perfect Package - Liter Bottles

Advanced NutrientpH Perfect Base Nutrients Automatically Balance Your pH For You And Keep It There F..


Botanicare 50 Gallon Nutrient Package

Every Botanicare product you need to mix 50 gallons a week from Start to Finish. The kit comes with ..


Commercial DE Open System, 120/240V

Performance, Quality & Reliability: Introducing The Commercial DE Open Lighting System The Comm..


General Hydroponics - 3 Pack - Flora Bloom, Micro and Gro

GH Flora Gro Gallon – MSRP $31.88Stimulates structural and vegetative growth. Builds strong roots. ..


Hydro 101 Beginner 1000 Watt Lighting System

Sun System Hard Core HPS/MH 1000 Watt 120/240 Volt – MSRP $137.95Exposed ballast design is compact a..


Hydro 101 DE 1000 Watt Lighting Package

Sun System® Hard Core® DE Remote Ballast – MSRP $177.95 Industry's first 1000 watt DE HPS compati..


Phantom 1000 Watt "ALL POWER" DE Lighting Package

Give you plants the power they deserve with the Phantom 1000 Watt "ALL POWER" DE Lighting Packa..


Sun Hut 100 Tent Package - 600 Watt

This indoor greenhouse package is ideal for a home grower looking to provide for themselves without ..


Xtrasun 1000 Watt Lighting Package

Xtrasun e-Ballast 1000W Dimmable 120-240V – MSRP $244.95The Xtrasun Dimmable Digital Ballast is an i..


Xtrasun 600 Watt Starter Tent Package

Sun Hut Blackout 100 - 3.9 ft x 3.9 ft x 6.6 ft – MSRP $244.95Sun Hut Blackouts are the newest line ..